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What's Inside The LAUNCH?


In this course you'll learn how to LAUNCH yourself into the life you deserve.

Lesson 1: Love

Lesson 2: Actualization

Lesson 3: Uniqueness

Lesson 4: Now

Lesson 5: Consciousness

Lesson 6: Health & Wholeness

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Meet Mike

Mike is a modern day renaissance man. From working as a gym manager, to pursuing a music career in Sweden, and now running a non-profit health and wellness organization, Cothrine has done it all. While working in the wellness and fitness industry, Mike realized people tend to forget to focus on our mind when they want to be their healthiest. From this thought process, Mike started implementing mindfulness practices that he used in his own busy life into his work with clients. Noticing his clients' success, he put what we was teaching into writing. He came out with his first book "Freedom Time" about how to detach from what keeps us tethered to unhappiness. After his book, Mike wanted to do more so he started a full program to help people live their most fulfilled life and The LAUNCH was born.

What They Say...

Live the life meant for you!

After taking this course, I started to realize some things I did in my day to day life that wasn't benefiting me. It helped me with being more conscious of what I was allowing in my life.

Greatness lives within each of us.

Mike really helped me dive into myself and reach a better understanding of who I am and where I want to go in life! Becoming more self-aware is key to getting where you want to go in life and becoming more of who you are meant to be. The LAUNCH is a great tool to help others become more aware of the greatness that lives within each of us!


Loving myself first helps me love myself unconditionally.

Mindfulness with Mike has allowed me to become more aware of myself and accept who I am and how unique I am. By being present and focusing on myself, I have become less judgmental and harsh on myself, and more forging and loving towards myself and others. When I become more aware of myself, I am able to achieve my goals and focus on being my best version of myself. Sessions with Mike made me aware that there are bigger missions beyond me. The level of service to others comes from a place of love, compassion and acceptance. Loving myself first makes me loving other unconditionally. Thank you for being there for me at any given time throughout my growth as a better individual!