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We aren't your run-of-the-mill cookie-cutter fitness company. We aim to serve in mind, body, and spirit to help each individual live a fully actualized Life. We believe everyone has unique talents and gifts, and through striving for excellence in mental and physical health those gifts will unfold.
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What Our Community Says

"It's great to have the classes taught live because it gives me an opportunity to hear someone with a positive attitude giving me support. The workouts are the pillars of my schedule, especially on the days when yoga was offered. Thank you Mike and trainer ladies for your hard work, positive attitudes, and thoughtfulness. You saved my mind!"

-Corey A.

"It’s hard enough trying to balance working from home and keeping up with stress level with all what’s going on around our world.  Having Fitness and Yoga daily had helped me and my family to stay healthy physically and mentally.  Thanks so much for the time and effort to help and support us!"

- Saeng K.

"Mike’s Fit Family has been a blessing since my dear friend Lupe told me about the program almost a year ago. I have had arthritis for 15 years now and even though my joints have some damage, regular exercising helps to ease the pain. I have more energy to perform my work with my students and to do my chores at home. I sleep better and I eat better, too!"

-Elba A.